Come play a few matches on our courts, meet our members and learn why Piper's means so much to those of us who live and play here. For an invitation to play, click here.

A true expert setting...
The tennis program at Piper's Landing allows for many different levels of players to enjoy a good game. To create a welcoming environment, our five Har-Tru® Courts are impeccably maintained and open day or night, framed with the latest technology in lighting management.

Improve your game with a vast array of clinics, private or semi-private lessons, and relax in the knowledge that such a small number of residences means that a singles or doubles game at your level is just a phone call away.

Just like our golfers, our tennis players fall into a wide range: 2.5 to 4.0. We have a 3.5 ladies team that plays Wednesdays, and another ladies team that competes against other clubs in the area. Our men also compete against other clubs.

For those who want to have a little fun together, we have some mixed socials, and for those who want to be a little more competitive, our new stadium court provides the perfect environment for tournaments.