Piper's Landing Yacht & Country Club

The Piper's Equity Advantage

Piper’s Landing is a unique equity member-owned club. Our equity requirement has two components: a non-refundable Capital Fee and a fully refundable Membership Equity Contribution.  Out of $75,000 in current new membership costs, $65,000 is completely refundable equity when a member sells their home. Please scroll to the bottom for a financial chart comparing Piper’s Landing to some neighboring clubs.

We believe membership and financial structure are an important factor in what defines a community’s stability through the years. Combining our property owners association (POA) and our country club a few years ago into one entity provides on-going savings to our members in sales and property taxes.

At Piper’s Landing we have a mandatory golf membership. All of our 302 property owners are a full golf member, and everyone pays the same amount for refundable equity, non-refundable Capital Contribution and annual club fees. This creates a harmonious community with complete financial stability.

Some club communities have only mandatory social memberships (with golf, marina and/or tennis optional), thereby creating factions in the community when it comes to spending priorities and financial stability. Other clubs have no mandatory memberships at all. Once again this creates tension, and ultimately the community may become semi-private or public, gaining members from the outside just to keep their fees competitive.

We believe our golf course is a tremendous asset to all who live here. It supports our lifestyle and our home values. By everyone being a golf member - whether they play a lot or a little - it guarantees the financial support required to maintain a first-class private country club.

We welcome the opportunity to explain how it works. If you have any questions that are unanswered, we invite you to contact Pegi Austin, our Membership and Marketing Coordinator, at 772-283-7000.

Compare Us to Others
Like you, our Board of Directors values financial analysis and comparison. We have included a chart with answers to some of the most frequently asked questions received by our marketing office regarding Piper’s Landing and neighboring clubs. Note that while Willoughby and Mariner Sands are in Martin County, Harbour Ridge is located in St. Lucie County. 

* Figures for other clubs are as of 11/1/2013 and were provided by those clubs. We attempt to keep this page updated on a regular basis.
Please discuss with us the comparative costs of living at each club.